WRMFZY came to be in 2016 during a cancer recovery while serving with US Special Operations. It began as a personal escape, not really a brand, just making dumb shit for the boys downrange, and to stay busy and keep my mind right. People seemed to enjoy it, so I took it live in hopes I could scrounge up enough pocket change to pay for beer and dip. Everything was (and still is) trial by fire  and through failure after failure, and simply being broke as shit, I managed to keep this motherfucker afloat. What's most rewarding to me is just having a place where I can take a break from reality, create, and chop it up with like-minded individuals, on a day to day basis. I'd like to say there's a direction for WF but there isn't. We're just having fun with it. The majority of our stuff is sourced in the US, but sometimes it just isn't feasible with demand on certain products. If it's affordable, unique, and the quality is there, I'm cool with it. If a customer isn't satisfied, we'll make it right. At the end of the day, we work out of a garage, maintain complete creative freedom, and simply enjoy giving back to the community and foundations we believe in. Thank you to everyone who supports this journey.