Welcome to our mega drop with Fit Garage where every dollar spent is an entry to win a Toyota Hilux. Not only will ALL entries go towards the grand prize of the Hilux, but we've got some hard hitting secondary prizes to give away as well. It's quite simple, for example - Throw down $25 on nods and you'll be enrolled in winning night vision AND the truck. The drop begins Friday, February 9th at 12pm CST and ends Friday, February 23rd at midnight. All items in this section qualify. Orders over $100 get an extra 25 entries. Once all merch is made and shipped, we will randomly choose winners of all secondary prizes and finally the grand prize. Please allow up to 4 weeks for fulfillment. Pick up some cool merch, and possibly win some life changing prizes. All prizes are US only. If you don't live in a free state, have a back up plan. Good luck.